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Q. Will you help me pick outfits and a location? 
A. I am here to help you with everything! I will book the hotel suite, send you lingerie ideas, and even book hair and makeup for you. Let me take care of everything. You deserve a relaxing experience! 

Q. Will you pose me? I’m so self conscious and bad in photos.
A. I totally understand that you are worried about how you will look. However, I will help pose you from head to toe. No modeling experience necessary! I will tell you exactly what to do so you can enjoy the shoot.

Q. What should I do with my boudoir images?
A. After your portraits are ready I will have you over to my private office to view the images and pick out the prints and products you'd like. Typically women purchase a custom leather album with their favorites. You can also celebrate yourself with canvases or nightstand photos. These make great gifts for yourself or your partner!

Q. How long is a shoot? How many photos will I get?
A. Boudoir packages range from 30-90 minutes. On average, you can expect approximately 40-60 photos from a 60 minute session. We can talk more in depth about how much time and how many outfits are right for you.

Q. I'm still nervous. Should I take the leap and schedule a session?
A. !00% YES! I'm here for you girl. You will not regret this!! Being nervous is normal. Don't let it hold you back from an amazing experience!

Boudoir Questions

Q. What is your photography style?
A. My photography style is bright, vibrant, and true-to-life. I want your images to reflect the way your wedding day really looked, or even a little better! I photograph a combination of camera aware and candid photos so that you have a wide variety in your album!

Q. How will you pose us? I’m so bad in pictures!
A. I can definitely help you out! During our time together, I will coach you to look great and feel confident in your photos. We will take some classically posed photos, but I will also give you some fun prompts to get the giggly candid moments too! 

Q. Do you have a second photographer for the wedding?
A. Yes, my husband Ben! Having a second photographer has so many benefits. First and foremost, your gallery will have more images that compliment one another. Secondly, Ben is there to support you all day. He has been known to carry bouquets, find lost groomsmen, and has even picked up lunch for the bride! It’s great to have an extra set of hands available.  

Q. How many images do I get? How long will you shoot?
A. Every wedding is unique and so is the coverage. On average, you can expect approximately 400-700 images from an 8 hour package. We can talk more in depth about how much time will fit you best.

Engagement sessions are typically 60 minutes. You will see 40-60 images at your ordering session and pick your prints and products from that amount.

Q. How are our wedding images delivered to us?
A. As soon as your wedding photos are ready I will email you a custom link to your online gallery. You, friends, and family can download your images or even order prints and products from this site. Custom USB flash drives are available as an add-on. I will also speak with you about adding a custom album to your package amongst other wall art options! 

There are digital options as well as prints and products for your engagement photos as well.

Q. Do you offer videography?
A. We are not professional videographers but can recommend some great ones! 

Q. What photos will you take on my wedding day?
A. Coverage typically starts while the bride gets ready and continues through the first dances. You will have comprehensive coverage of details, candid moments, and portraits. This includes a first look, family portraits, bridal party portraits, ceremony documentation, speeches, first dances, and much more. 

Wedding + Engagement Questions

Q. Do you photograph other things beside weddings and boudoir? 
A. I love to photograph families, seniors, headshots, and all sorts of events. Please contact me to chat more about your unique needs. 

Q. Do you travel outside of La Crosse, WI?
A. I love to travel, and I love photography. When these two things combine, it is magical! I would be happy to travel for your destination wedding. Include your location in your inquiry and I will put together a custom travel plan.

Q. What is the difference between your prints and products and the ones printed at Walmart, Target, or Walgreens? 
A. Every print, album, and canvas is carefully inspected by me and the professional print lab I order from. My prints and products are strong, true to color, and made to last a lifetime! Printing departments at big chain stores don't use the same quality supplies and do not print with the same color consistency. 

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