la crosse family photographer myrick park fall session



The Gjere’s family session in La Crosse, Wisconsin was full of smiles and lots of fun! I was a little bit worried because the weather was chilly and it had been raining all day. However, there was a break in the rain just long enough for their family mini session. The mom, Nikki, wanted to showcase fall foliage. Being November, a lot of the trees had lost their leaves. However, the leaves at Myrick park were laying beautifully on the ground. Those orange leaves made a great backdrop!


I couldn’t get over how easy it was to work with this family! I know this family has a lot of love for each other. Mom and dad were joyful and cheery. The kids were extremely cooperative and listened so well! I was so impressed since they are so little still. They snuggled up to each other to stay warm and flashed me their biggest smiles! The two little boys even held hands and hugged during the session.


Since these images will be used for holiday cards and put on display, Nikki chose a simple color palette that is extremely pleasing to the eye. The boys wore grey and black while the parents wore dark forest green.

I loved the small multi-color print on Nikki’s long-sleeve maxi dress. It added a feminine touch! She understood that looking her best would also help her feel her best in photos! For that reason, Nikki treated herself to a professional hair style. Her curls held up so well even in the misty fall rain.

The boys wore similar outfits, dark tops and jeans. This gave them a cohesive look. However, they didn’t match completely. I love that they each had their own unique outfit!

Finally, let’s talk about dad’s outfit. He wore a dark green sweater that went along with mom’s outfit, but had its own flare. I love the button accents and the texture of the cable knit. His dress pants and shoes pulled it all together giving him a polished appearance.


Gjere Family,

I am so glad to know you! Your family is completely adorable and so kind! Thank you for spending some time with me for your family pictures. You took a dreary day and made it a lot brighter for me! Never stop capturing family memories. The boys will continue to grow and change. Someday they’ll be grown and much too cool to hold hands or snuggle.  You’ll always have these pictures to look back on and remember when they were small. 🙂


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