emily jean and ben branson selfie photo at a wedding they photographed in downtown la crosse wi

Pull up a chair, because I’ve got a tale to tell. It’s about how I accidentally fell in love with my assistant, Ben. In 2015 my business was growing, and I needed an extra set of hands. I never imagined those hands would one day be holding mine at the altar.

At first, Ben was just another colleague. But as the days turned into weeks of working side by side, his knack for lugging around our camera gear all day, setting up lights for those picture-perfect moments, and fetching a gazillion random things for me became indispensable. He even mastered the art of keeping grooms calm before their first-looks and charming grandmas with his sweet talk.

But it wasn’t just his skills that won me over. It was the way he’d anticipate my hanger and magically produce snacks and soda, or how he’d make sure I never backed up into anything while shooting (apparently, that’s my special talent). And let’s not forget his knack for ensuring I always got my slice of cake at the end of a long day.

But above all, Ben’s constant support and unwavering belief in my abilities never fail to make me feel like a superstar, even on my toughest days. So, when we said “I do” in 2021, it felt like the perfect continuation of our adventure together. We continue to photograph weddings together, and have no plans of stopping! We lost count after the 300th.

To all of you who’ve been a part of our journey, whether as clients, friends, or just random visitors to our website, thank you for being a part of our story. We love having you here!


emily jean and ben branson selfie wedding day

Everyone always asked if we would take our own wedding photos! This was our best attempt. LOL

ben branson emily jean photography holding a wedding bouquet

Most likely to hold the bride’s bouquet when it gets too heavy.

ben branson at the cargill room getting a second angle of a bride and groom from the balcony

Getting a super cool shot from the balcony at The Cargill Room

Ben is so lucky. He gets to be the subject of test shots every weekend.

ben branson crouched in a field getting a second angle with his camera

Ben goes missing…a lot. 99% of the time it’s to get a photo from a far away angle.

emily jean and ben branson pose at celebrations on the river during a wedding reception.

I couldn’t have made it through the crazy 2020 & 2021 seasons without him.

ben branson at celebrations on the river getting a second angle of a bride and groom from behind a tree

I’m sure this was a beautiful shot!

ben branson emily jean photography striking a goofy pose

He thinks (and he is) so funny. Just don’t tell him I said that. I don’t want him to get a big head.

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