Branding and Marketing Photos for a Cake Baker

Hey cookie lovers! 🍪 Today was the very first Hwy 108 Cookies photoshoot! Learn the behind the scenes of all the sweetness.

Sherilyn, the genius behind Hwy 108, rocked the spotlight. She brought her fun, bright personality and lots of gorgeous cookies. The photoshoot kicked off with professional makeup from MBSK. While Sherilyn was getting glammed up, Hannah from Rosemary Abode stylized the studio with handpicked pieces from her boutique, Natty West. Quickly the shoot came to life!

I created a ton of fresh, “homey” looking images that showcased the HWY 108 cookies at their best! I posed Sherilyn to make her look like the star she is! It was clear that I wasn’t just capturing cookies; I was capturing moments of creativity and passion.

Hwy 108 Cookies isn’t just about treats; it’s about sharing joy and deliciousness with the world! So, next time you’re craving cookies, remember HWY 108. There is love baked into every batch.

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