_MG_2576From the very start my top priority has been giving my clients the best photography experience they’ve ever had. I want them to feel at ease and 100% taken care of. For this reason, I am a full service photographer.
What makes me different as a full service photographer?
I get to know who you are.
Every family, wedding, and senior has its own story and vibe. Although I have a certain style that I shoot, I am always keeping you in mind and focusing the shots that I take to your personality and wants. You are the star of the show, and it is ultimately your memories that I am capturing.
I guarantee that no one will have photos quite like yours. In fact, I love photographing at places that are special to you, whether that is a family farm or down at the beach where your family likes to fish. I’m here to capture and keep the memory of you at this very special time exactly the way you are.
You aren’t left overwhelmed. 
Since we live in a digital age, so many of our best moments are on a disk, memory card, or inside our phones somewhere. Printing pictures seems like a daunting task and it’s hard to get started going through those 1500 photos on your iPhone.
Fortunately, I take care of the entire printing process for you so that you have something tangible to display and pass on through the years. I’m here as a service to you and an expert on prints, albums, and other photographic products. I can make recommendations to you and show you just how your photos will look when they are displayed. I even have the capability to show you what your photos will look like on your walls!
Being a photographer is more than just clicking a button on a nice camera. To me, being a photographer is being a client oriented, loving, and trustworthy individual that is happy to take care of every need from choosing a location to hanging your photo on the walls!
If you’re interested in full service photography, email emily@emilyjeanphoto.com or call 608-780-1173.

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