C’mon in, I’ll make you a cup of coffee!
I have been working so hard, and I’m proud to announce that I now have an office space. I absolutely love having a place for my clients to meet me and check out all the sample albums and artwork that I offer.
Hours of Pinterest searching and many trips to Menards went into creating this space. Trust me, I am no handyman or interior designer, but I am so very proud of how it came together.
If you love any of the pieces as much as I do here are some links to purchase them. I was able to get some really great deals on these items. The key is to find them when they have online sales!

2017-04-27_00012017-04-27_0009Featured in 2016 edition of The Wedding Magazine2017-04-27_00052017-04-27_00022017-04-27_00062017-04-27_00032017-04-27_0010
Thanks for visiting!
xoxo  -Em

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