Mitchel and Katlynn’s early June wedding fit them perfectly. Check out the three themes of this La Crosse, WI summer day.

#1. They Included Those Closest

Mitchel and Katlynn’s dream wedding followed the theme of family first. The couple decided soon after getting engaged to spend their wedding day with those closest to them. The bride shares, “Family has and always will be the most important thing in our lives.”

The couple was adamant about including their parents and siblings throughout the day. They shared sweet moments that will not soon be forgotten. Katlynn’s older brothers, Nathan and Travis, officiated the ceremony while sister Megan and brother Marcus stood along side them.


#2. They Made the Day Their Own

The location of La Crosse was a must for the couple since their relationship began there. They made the day their own by creating their own decorations, reciting hand written vows, and stopping at their favorite hometown bar.


#3. They Partied..a lot!

Mitchel and Katlynn are far from boring and made their wedding day the same. The couple was seen laughing and enjoying the day at all times. Goofy faces, drinks, silly dances…


I know the Larson’s continue to laugh and love for many years to come.

Katlynn and Mitch, I love you both very much. Thank you for being fantastic clients, and even greater friends. Many many congratulations to you!



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