Debating whether or not to see your fiance before the ceremony? Let me help you out! Every couple is different and every wedding has it’s own unique events and timeline. Choosing when to see each other is an important decision that can effect the whole day.

Time Together

Most importantly, a first look gives you time alone together to kiss, hug, and speak with each other. Emotions are running extra high that day, and you will feel much more at ease after you see your spouse to be! I don’t direct your first look or pose you. I allow you to live in the moment, and I capture it without interfering. In fact, after taking the reaction photos I leave you and your fiancee alone for 5-10 minutes. These might be the only 5-10 minutes you have alone all day. It’s important to me that you get that!

Looking Your Best

Following the first look I will take portraits of you, your fiance, and the wedding party. You are all looking your best since it is the beginning of the day. Your makeup is fresh and everyone is attentive. Even if it rains or gets really hot later in the day, you have the portraits complete.

More Time to Party with Your Guests

After the ceremony you can enjoy your entire cocktail hour! The formal photos will be completed and you can spend the rest of the night knowing that you have great images of you looking your best. This allows so much more time to mingle with your guests.

The first look is one of my absolute favorite parts of the day. Not only do we get beautiful photos of you, but it opens up your timeline for a stress-free day! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

XO, Emily

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