Josh Neumann is a third generation realtor that LOVES to serve others. He is extremely well established and has positioned his business among the top real estate agencies in Wisconsin. It was a total honor to photograph Josh and his team for a few reasons. First, I actually rented from Josh back in college. It was great to see him again and laugh about how “small” of a world it is! Second, my brother-in-law is part of the Josh Neumann Group. I remember when he (Jordan Koblitz) was starting his career and looking for a firm to join. His decision was an easy one, because he connected and trusted Josh so much. I trust Jordan’s judge of character. If he says Josh is a good guy – of course I believe it! Plus, photographing the team meant I got to photograph Jordan again!

The Josh Neumann team welcomed a new member and was in need of updated portraits. Real estate is such a personal business and clients want to see the face of their agents and support staff! I recommended team photos, individual headshots, and even some combinations of team members that work together often. These images will be used on social media, business cards, personal emails to clients, and other forms of marketing. I created professional images that show the team’s professionalism without being too stiff or unapproachable. The Josh Neumann team is ANYTHING but unapproachable!

I set the scenes in a private home similar to the homes this team shows day-to-day. I aided their outfit selection so that they coordinated with each other and with the brand color palette. Each of these agents arrived with lots of amazing clothing options, I simply curated their pieces. Josh wanted these photos to really show off the joy and kindness of the team, but also to instill trust that they are experts in the real estate industry!

Each member of the team was thrilled with the photos and is so excited to start sharing the images. I am SO thankful for that! My goal is always to photograph my clients in the way the world sees them…positively! It’s important for me to show of their smiles and personality. I deliver great images because my clients are at total ease with me directing them and taking care of them! At the end of the shoot, Amber looked at me sincerely and said, “thank you for making me feel so pretty.” Moments like that encourage me and inspire me to keep connecting and touching more lives!


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