As a photographer, there are certain clients that especially touch my heart and leave a lasting impression. Rachel and Connor are some of those clients. 💕

I’ve had the privilege of documenting Rachel and Connor’s journey through life’s milestones, from just dating, to their engagement and their wedding day. So, when they reached out to me to capture this beautiful chapter of their lives—the anticipation of their first child—I couldn’t have been more thrilled.maternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summermaternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summer The evening of the shoot was warm and calm, setting the perfect ambiance for an intimate session. We decided to return to the very field where we had captured their love during their engagement session three years ago. It felt like coming full circle, witnessing their growth and the love that had flourished since then.maternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summermaternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summerRachel glowed with radiance as she cradled her baby bump, exuding both beauty and the awe-inspiring power of motherhood. Connor stood beside her, a mix of excitement and pride evident in his eyes. Their love for each other and their unborn daughter was palpable, creating an atmosphere of tenderness and anticipation. maternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summer Throughout the shoot, we laughed and enjoyed our time together. These two feel like genuine friends, and I’m so proud of the bond we’ve made. maternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summermaternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summerBeing able to witness and document big moments is what makes my job as a photographer so rewarding. It’s the connection with couples like Rachel and Connor that fuels my passion for capturing love and the journey into parenthood. 🥰 maternity-family-photographer-la-crosse-west-salem-wisconsin-summerTo Rachel and Connor, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey. I am honored to have been there to document your love and joy, from the early days of your romance to now, preparing for your precious baby girl. I cannot wait to meet her!


Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Koblitz
Photography: Emily Jean Photography

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