Let me tell you about the wonderful headshot session I had with Sarah, a total rockstar in the communication and event world. Sarah is making huge leaps in her career and needed a fresh update.Β  Her last professional headshot was from her college days –what a glow-up!

Sarah is a ray of sunshine. πŸ™‚ We chatted about her goals and the vibe she wanted to project, and let me tell you, this girl has got it all – joyful, happy, and bright, with an eye for the tiniest deets that matter – the perfect professional!

The session was an absolute blast! No stiff poses or awkwardness here. We kept it laid-back and fun, letting Sarah’s genuine kindness and professionalism shine. She effortlessly rocked every expression – confident smiles, thoughtful gazes, and fits of laughter – a whole range, you know?

And when the moment of truth came – ta-da! – Sarah was over the moon with her photos. She loved ’em so much that she decided to snag a whole bunch! Smart move. Now she’s got a collection of photos she can use for her website, social media, and all those professional gigs she’s gonna crush.

Let me tell you, friends, this sesh was not just about photos – it was about capturing Sarah’s essence and letting her shine like the superstar she is. Seeing her confidence soar made my day.

Photography:Β Emily Jean Photography

Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Koblitz

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