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Sarah and Jeremy’s winter engagement session on the bluffs was full of hugs, smiles, lots of shivers, and joy! It didn’t feel too cold outside at first, but the wind picked up shortly after we started the session. Luckily, I found a little hidden area where trees protected us from the wind on all sides. We had acres of bluffland to use, but ended up only needing a tiny bit to create some fantastic engagement photos! Snow covered the ground and everything looked like a magical forest. Winter sessions are chilly, but the images always turn out so gorgeous. This couple loves nature and requested The Rim of The City. I did a winter session last year there and couldn’t wait to get back!


Several years ago, when I worked at my corporate job, Sarah actually sat near me! She was an intern in another department so we never really had a chance to get to know each other. Luckily, she remembered that I was a photographer and contacted me as soon as she knew she was engaged! Sarah, Jeremy, and I hit it off during their video chat consult. We bonded over wedding planning and talking all about food. 🙂 I knew we’d be friends!

Sarah is a planner and loves to check things off her list! However, she’s also super chill and laid back. Her personality is seriously the best balance; I’m a bit jealous of her. She’s soft spoken and sugar sweet, a great complement to her fiance, Jeremy. He is fun, chatty, and super outgoing, the perfect guy in my opinion! I love when I can connect with my grooms just as well as the brides. He and I met for the first time during that video consult, but I felt like I knew him forever. Cheers to him for having such a welcoming and loving personality.

Jeremy and Sarah are totally obsessed with each other. Although they started out as friends, there was always a “spark” between them. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s the truth! Once they officially became a couple, things moved super quickly. They are the perfect example of “when you know, you know!” (Another true cliche of their lives.) They have a ton of fun together and can be spotted giggling at any given moment. They love to spend all their time together and share lots of the same hobbies like cooking, eating, and drinking wine. Those just happen to be some of my favorite hobbies too. 😉


I was STOKED to see the wrap dress Sarah bought for her session. I looked at her and immediately asked, “you read my guide, didn’t you?” See, I give out a style guide to all my couples to help them prep for their session. My couples always look and feel the best when they take my advice. The key to looking great on camera is wearing flattering clothes that make you feel confident! Her long, dark blue, chiffon dress did exactly that! Her dress contrasted perfectly against the white snow. She looks like a winter goddess!

Sarah’s makeup looked absolutely incredible. My sister, Makeup by Sarah Koblitz, dolled her up! The makeup was fresh, romantic, and packed the perfect amount of punch. Her eyes really popped with the false lashes and perfectly blended gold eyeshadow. Sarah’s smile shone bright and was complemented by the mauve lip stain. She felt confident and empowered, and it shows in the photos!  (She even decided to book Sarah Koblitz for her wedding makeup, too!) 🙂

Jeremy wore fitted grey dress slacks and a heather blue button up shirt. He tied the look together with a brown leather belt and coordinating oxfords. It doesn’t take much for him to look great! His outfit looked nice on its own, but it especially looked awesome next to Sarah. His lighter toned pieces went great beside her dark gown.


Sarah and Jeremy, you are rockstars! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me out in the snow and the wind. I told you it would  be worth it, and you trusted me. That means a lot!! I know you’re going to love these photos forever. I will see you both at the wedding. 🙂


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